About the App

Steam Gauge is a Python-based web app driven by Flask. It has undergone several revisions, including a migration from Python 2 to 3. It makes use of Steam's Web API, Big Picture API, and several custom Python scripts that scrape data from the Steam Store pages (if necessary). That metadata is stored in a database for easy retrieval by the Steam Gauge app. Steam Gauge does not currently store any information about your account (your login id is stored in your browser as a cookie). The app code is available for review at https://github.com/jprusik/steam-gauge

About Me

My name is Jonathan Prusik, and I'm a Boston-based Full Stack web engineer who specializes in Python, SQL, and JavaScript. My work has been featured on TechCrunch and the front page of Hacker News. I like building things that people will use and find useful. MySteamGauge.com is my first Python web app.

I can be contacted via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and e-mail. Of course, I do occasionally sneak in a game of Civilization on Steam as well.