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Get the value and size of your Steam account

Note: Your Steam profile must be publically viewable for this tool to work!


-Bugfix: Steam Friends now works again.
-Update: The database has recieved a long-overdue update.

-New: a privacy policy page has been added to the site.

-New Feature: Steam Tag and search links to genres, developer, and publisher items.
-Bugfix: replaced account persona-based links with Steam user id links.
-Bugfix: fixed minor visual bugs including inconsistent casetype for the app type column.

-New Feature: Added averages to several columns in the summary row.
-New Feature: Added colored icons next to the account status, because why not?
-New Feature: Added bug reporting to account summaries. Click the link below the account summary thumbnail to bring up the error submission form.
-Bugfix: Fixed sticky header row width sometimes not matching the table.

-New Feature: Added a price/hours played ratio column to the account summary page. It's hidden by default for now, but you can make it visible by selecting "Price / Hours Played" from the "Show / hide columns" menu.
-Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was preventing Steam Gauge from fetching app info from the DB in some cases.
-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases (particularly install sizes), and made some backend improvements to data fetching.

-Steam Receipt update: I've rebuilt Steam Receipt from scratch to better handle different types of transactions. The amounts reported should now be more accurate and support different languages/currencies.

-New feature: Added the ability to "log out", if you've logged into Steam Gauge with Steam OpenID.

-New feature: You can now log in to Steam Gauge with your Steam Account. Steam only returns your 17-digit id number, and Steam Gauge only stores this value as a cookie in your browser.
-Database Update: Fixed incorrect metadata for some apps.
-Performance Update: Streamlined some backend processes, decreasing query response time.

-Cleaned up the homepage layout a bit, particularly for mobile.
-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases.
-Bugfix: Fixed some Steam test ids showing up in account summaries.
-Bugfix: Fixed some Free to Play games missing from player summaries. F2P games will now be included in your account summary if you have any play time logged for that game.
-Bugfix: Fixed error page issues on mobile.

-Bugfix: Fixed release date and price columns not sorting correctly.
-Bugfix: Fixed prices listed as "None" not being treated as a value of 0.

Steam Gauge 2.0 is live! After several months rebuilding the entire app from scratch, I'm happy to announce performance improvements, more frequent database updates, and a ton of new features, including:

-Added more account profile information
-New fields, including publishers, genres, and release dates
-Better/faster column sorting
-Accounts which have very long summaries are automatically paginated to mitigate browser slowdowns.
-You can now drag and drop columns.
-Columns can now be hidden from view at your discretion.
-The table header is now fixed for easy reference when you scroll down your list of games.
-More export options (Flash enabled browsers only) - csv, excel, or copy to clipboard
-Exports now allow full summaries or selected items only
-A print view has been added for those wishing to export to meatspace
-More selection presets have been added. Selection presets no longer exclusive to each other, and can be used together for precise filtering.
-A search filter has been added to make selections even more precise for cases not covered by selection presets.
-Better (more accurate and helpful) error feedback
-The selection size bar is gone but not forgotten. I'll be addeding new data visualizations in a subsequent update.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in bug reports, questions, and suggestions. Keep them coming!

-Bugfix: Fixed extra account items displaying in Steam Gauge results (all free items on Steam available to everyone).
-Bugfix: Fixed play time units not displaying or displaying in minutes instead of hours in Steam Gauge results.

Steam Gauge is now on Twitter. Follow @Steam_Gauge to automatically get development updates and status information.

-Developer Update: My development machine died on me two weeks ago, temporarily stalling ongoing Steam Gauge development. The machine has since been repaired and I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my dev environment. Consequently, the next database update may be slightly delayed.
-Known issue: One of the old (deprecated) Steam APIs no longer returns playtime data. Will fix in the next update with the proper API call.

-Site Update: Added community script submissions to the Steam Receipt page for some non-US accounts.
-Bugfix: Fixed UTF-8 encoding issues.

-New feature: The Steam Gauge search input will now try to parse the profile id from Steam URLs.
-New feature: Steam Gauge now tells you how many years your account has existed.
-Bugfix: Misc code cleanup- stopped running some scripts where they weren't needed.

-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases.
-Upcoming: I'm rebuilding the Steam Gauge engine from scratch to be easier to maintain and more efficient (resulting in faster queries). If there are any features you'd like to see in this next major release, e-mail me at

-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases.

-Downtime report: Steam Gauge suffered a short outage today, but is back up and running. I want to thank my long-time hosting provider Dreamhost for their swift and stellar support.
-Bugfix: Fixed the Steam Gauge table not displaying properly when returning an error in some cases.

-New Feature: Added controller compatibility, Metascore, and multiplayer capability to Steam Gauge app listings. Please note that Steam does not make all information available for all apps, so some listings may be missing data.
-New Feature: All Steam Gauge listing data is now included in the exported csv file.
-New Feature: Added new options for the Steam Gauge dropdown filter selector.
-New Feature: Added Facebook share icon to Steam Gauge results page.
-Visual Update: Made Steam Gauge results table wider for non-mobile devices.
-Site Update: Started adding Open Graph tags to pages.
-Site Update: Misc code cleanup to facilitate future updates.

-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases.
-Database Update: Also rebuilt the database model to accommodate new data types that have been harvested. New features based around this update to come.
-Bugfix: Fixed the Steam Gauge table not displaying properly when returning an error in some cases.
-Visual Update: Added game icons alongside listings in Steam Gauge results.

-New Feature: Added app OS compatibility to Steam Gauge results. Please note that Steam does not make OS information available for all apps, so some listings may be missing that data. The OS info is currently excluded from the csv file export, but will be included in a future update.

-Database Update: Added game info for some recent releases.
-Database Update: Also rebuilt the database model to accommodate new data types that have been harvested. New features based around this update to come.
-Bugfix: Fixed the Steam Gauge table not displaying properly when returning an error in some cases.
-Visual Update: Added game icons alongside listings in Steam Gauge results.

-Bugfix: Fixed an bug in Steam Gauge where games with over 999 hours played would not calculate into the total properly.
-Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Steam Friends that prevented account lookups entirely if any of your friends had over 999 hours of play time in any of their games.
-Visual Bug: Improved nav bar display on mobile devices.
-Page Update: I changed some of the wording on the Steam Friends results page to be clearer.
-Site Update: I removed Google ads for now. If you're interested in advertising directly on this site, please e-mail me at

-New feature: Steam Receipt is a javascript bookmarklet that will allow you to quickly determine how much money you've actually spent on your Steam account while logged in. For more details, check out

-Database update: New entries added for recently released games, manual edits of incorrect HD sizes (particularly for DLC), and updated price/HD size info for a few hundred games.

-New App: Steam Friends pulls a list of games for you and each of your (publically viewable) friends on Steam and returns the Steam games you have in common that have multiplayer features. From this list, you can see what your friends' favorite multiplayer games are, if they're logged in, and even send them an IM through the Steam client (must be installed). Check it out at or use the new navigation bar at the top of this page.

-New feature: Added "Hours Played" for each game result. This metric is also included in calculated totals and export files.

-Database update: Fairly massive update. Added several thousand listings (many won't apply to most users). Also fixed many incorrect HD sizes and prices as reported by the community (keep sending in errors to be updated!)
-Bugfix: Fixed some cases of querying a nonexistent name breaking the results page.

-Database update: Split up some more bundled items into individual prices / HD space values. Added install size to a few hundred more games.

-Database update: some games that are purchased in bundles now have distributed price values for each game instead of the bundle price. Several hundred new listings have also been added.
-Bugfix: if a nonexistent username is queried, the resulting page now displays properly.
-Performance Increase: Some background processes have been streamlined for faster query response.

Thanks to everyone using the tool and offering feedback, feature requests, and bug reports (by e-mail or Twitter). This is my first Python project with many new in-development features (and bugfixes) on the way!

I'd also like to thank Mark Costello for helping me get up to speed on Python quickly. His advice helped me sidestep several pitfalls in the process of building this app. You should go check out his GitHub Account.
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